Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy

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Oxygen therapy is designed to revolutionize holistic medicine for natural healing.  We specialized in this therapy approach to reactivate the body's natural self-healing properties; restoring the life of the blood, organs, cells, and tissues to quality health and wellness. 

We do not use hyperbaric chamber due to its aluminum contamination when it comes into contact with oxygen, which cause some major health related issues. Instead, we use a hot steam oxygen sauna tent and other devices to better infuse oxygen into the body to get maximum results.

Traditional Use and Benefits

  • Increase supplemental oxygen in the blood, cells, organs, and tissues to bring forth respiratory health
  • Brain and gut health
  • Immune system health
  • Inflammation reduction potential to lower %
  • Blood purification
  • Stem cell production
  • White blood and red blood cells strength 
  • Physical stress and mental stress reduction
  • an increase of circulation and nutrient delivery
  • Detoxification of accumulated toxic substances and more 

To make an appointment or to schedule a consultation contact our office +1 (469) 814-0036. For more information about services available, continue to browse our site.

About the practitioner:

Pierre Sergio, Certified Holistic Medicine, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Nutritionist, the founder of water health holistic service center in Plano Texas., specializing in pH balance for chronic health conditions . 

Legal Disclaimer:

Water Health Holistic Service Center makes no claims or suggestions regarding the use of oxygen,or related products to treat or cure any illness, disease or any medical related conditions. 

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