Digital Alkaline Water Ionizer

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Digital Alkaline Water Ionizer 

The Super Filtration Alkaline Water Ionizer, the most powerful water ionizers in existence producing alkaline water for an ion-balanced body

Ionized water is split into two streams through a process called electrolysis. One stream is alkaline water with a pH above 7.0 and the other stream is acidic water with a pH below 7.0. The alkaline water is mainly used for drinking. The acidic water is used for sanitizing and disinfection, and has other uses such as an astringent for the skin.

  • Produce Strong Antioxidant Water Typically Exceeding - 500mV
  • Features Platinum-coated Titanium Electrodes
  • 7 Stage Filter Cartridge with electronic integrated filter recognition
  • Innovative reverse polarity self cleaning system
  • Auto change color LCD panel
  • Built-in water control valve
  • Unique fold-down, rotating dispenser
  • State of the art self-diagnostic system
  • Voice supported alerts

Why Alkaline Water:
There is a growing body of research which indicates that ionized alkaline water is the most superior drinking water available. Ionized alkaline water is electronically enhanced water that has been run over positive and negative electrodes and become ionized, which then is separated into alkaline and acidic water.

Many researchers believe that an acidic environment is a haven for disease and that our bodies need to be able to eliminate or buffer these acidic conditions through the electrolysis process, concentrating available alkaline minerals in the source water to aid the buffering systems in the body.

Proponents of ionized alkaline water believe that, through electrolysis, large tap mineral clusters are reduced from their original size and that the smaller cluster sizes achieved through this process foster better cell permeation, giving the water excellent hydrating properties. Alkalinity in drinking water as seen by many as a key component in neutralizing acidity caused by diet, stress, physical activity, toxins and other sources.

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