PH Balance for Weight Loss

Weight Loss Benefits 

pH balance for weight loss is a lifestyle modification system founded by Pierre Sergio (D.PSc, Holistic Medicine Practitioner and Nutritionist) to bring forth breakthroughs in weight loss barriers. pH balance for weight loss is proven holistic nutrition, based on principles and functionality, for real-time activation of the body's ability to neutralize fat as its primary source of energy and alleviate excess fat of the blood, cells, and tissues to restore alkaline balance for effective weight loss. As a result, you can expect to lose 15-30 lbs per month and can recover 40%-80% of your health related issues. 

pH balance for weight loss provides a long-term blue print for weight control and an effective road map for weight balance, so you can experience a healthy alkaline state for long-lasting wellness.

This program has been proven as effective since 1995.

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Important Information:

The Nutrition Health Formula contains: no caffeine, no stimulants, no gluten, no soy, no dairy, no GMO, no fillers, no binders, unsteamed & unpasteurized

  • No known side effects
  • 100% alkaline based


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