Tyent H2 Hybrid

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This device creates functional alkaline, ionized water and water with molecular hydrogen. It changes the properties of regular tap water through the use of electrolysis. 

The following changes are made to normal tap water via this process:

  • An increase or decrease in pH level
  • Creation of negatively charged hydrogen ions (antioxidants)
  • An increase in molecular hydrogen
  • Purification through advanced filtration

Product Features

  • Fully automatic system with embedded CPU
  • Automatic water flow: simple controls to start and stop water flow
  • Fixed quantity discharge: the ionizer can dispense a predetermined amount of water and then stop
  • Touch LCD with colored backlight: LCD display provides diverse information
  • SMPS Plus Power Supply: provides the system with the maximum output needed to produce highly stable electric power required for each phase of electrolysis
  • Twin Cell Hybrid: first-in-kind electrolytic twin cell with new features and designs to reach maximum levels of molecular hydrogen at any alkaline level
  • Electrodes with Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plate Technology: made with highly stable, durable plates that enhances the instantaneous electrolysis efficiency
  • Automatic Shut Off: water discharge is automatically stopped after 15 minutes of use and 5 minutes on turbo

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