Rescue Detox - 60 Capsules

Rescue Detox - 60 Capsules

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Antidote for poison, removes toxins and foreign substances out of the body

* Eliminates fungi, viruses, and bacteria as well as preventing them from replicating or being absorbed into the blood stream
* Absorbs drugs that diffuse back into the stomach and intestines 
* Neutralize toxic levels of chemicals including narcotics, painkillers and drugs residues
* remove poisonous substance in the blood 
* Rid the body of environmental toxins 
* Enhance the digestive tract
* Superior hangover prevention
* Improve cardiovascular health
* Filters toxins from the blood and decreases the detoxification work load of the liver
* Attract and absorb poisons from the blood back into the gastrointestinal tract- gastrointestinal dialysis
* Improve Gastrointestinal tract
* Prevent fats from entering the bloodstream
* Reduce digestive disturbances or dysfunctional
* Provide relieve for trapped gas in the lower intestine
* Relief for food poisoning, indigestion, gas and colon problems (Colitis, Crohn's, I.B.S and Ulcers)
* Reduce glucose levels in the bowel
* Enhance oxygen supply to kidney and liver

Rescue Detox was founded Ethno Medicine for adsorbing almost 100 times its weight in toxins, bacteria, chemicals, and unwanted medications including most organic and inorganic chemicals that do not belong in the body.

Safety Information
None Side-Effects Known

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