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Powerful Ionic 3 Plate Ozone System UV Pre filter HEPA Technology Air Purifier

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  • Triple Plate Ozonator with strong fan up 5000sq ft over trillion negative ions. Atlas Powerful Ionizer 3-Plate Ozone UV Pre filter HEPA Technology. This power-efficient five-stage filtration system equipped to rid the air of odors, bacteria, allergens, and dust. Also boasting a 3-plate ozonator for up to 5,000 square feet of cleaning power

The system oxidizes the air with its onboard ozone plates and negative ion generator to significantly reduce chemical gases, paint fumes, smoke and bacteria particles in the air by decomposing and eradicating contaminants in the air. The UV light and photocatalytic filter work together to neutralize molecules organic particles in the air which cause odors or could contaminate indoor air and aggravate allergic reactions. Coupled with the much powerful fan design and triple plate Ozonator this model can deodorize and keep the air your breath fresh and allergen clean. This compact and portable unit with its five stage filtration system helps kill bacteria with a UV light and a top of the line

* Compact and portable size * 3 ozone plate design - 540MG production capacity! * 5,000 Square Feet of coverage (open room) * Up to five stages of air filtration * Low electrical use, low maintenance * Quiet operation * Variable Speed Controller * With high quality solid wooden box. * Stainless steel construction * No chemicals or no residual contamination. * Energy saving, only consumes 43 watts of power.

11.3 TRILLION ions generated per second 120V AC/60Hz 7KV-8.5 kv power supply 120 cfm 12 volt DC variable speed fan Height: 12.5 "; Width: 8.25" x Length: 10" Weight 19 lbs Washable HEPA filter Photocatalytic Filter Negative Ionizer

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