pH Balance For Weight Loss Extreme

pH Balance For Weight Loss Extreme

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Weight Loss Benefits:
  • Lose Weight Without Changing Your Diet 
  • Neutralize fat as its primary source of energy
  • Complete body restart
  • Removes excess fat from blood, cell and tissues
  • Increase alkaline reserves and nutrient buffers
  • Increase the body's energy frequency
  • Improves better eating habits 
  • Improves physical performance
  • Improve metabolic health
  • Reduces hunger and craving
  • Skin tightening
  • Sustain blood ketone body levels
  • Can lose up to 10 - 15 lbs per month
  • Can recover 40% - 80% weight related health problems.
Weight Loss Description

    pH balance for weight loss extreme is a lifestyle modification system founded by Pierre Sergio (D.PSc,  Holistic Medicine Practitioner) to assist you breakthrough your lose weight loss barriers. Lose weight without changing your diet. The program is unique and has been proven as effective since 1995. Our process is based on holistic principles and functionality for real-time activation of the body's ability to neutralize fat as its primary source of energy and cleanse the excess fat of the blood, cell and tissues to restore alkaline balance for effective weight loss. As a result you can expect to lose 20-30 lbs per month and can recover 40%-80% of your health related issues.

    Our system provides a long-term blue print for weight control and an effective road map for weight balance so you can experience a healthy alkaline state for long-lasting wellness.

    The package is customized by a Certified Health Practitioner, the instructions and the successful formula includes body flush, road map and blue print will be provide with the package.  Please contact our office if have any questions or concerns related to your package. 

    Our nutritional formula contains: No caffeine, No stimulants, No Gluten, No Soy, No Dairy, No GMO, NO fillers, NO binders

    ★ Experience the feeling of well-being from the results of this nutritional health formula as if it has already served its purpose


    ★ Legal Disclaimer

    The information displayed herein has not been evaluated and/or approved in any form by the Federal Drugs Administration.  Please follow a balanced life-style, diet and exercise for general health and wellness. None of our products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Consult your doctor at all times. The information provided here is for informational purposes and we do not claim ownership thereof unless indicated otherwise

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