Chronic Pain Therapy

Chronic Pain Therapy

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Chronic Pain Therapy is a 60 minutes acupuncture reflexology energy massage treatment designed only to serve people who are experiencing severe pain conditions without getting results from injuries pain, osteoarthritis pain, rheumatoid arthritis, pain, neuropathic pain , back pain, shoulder pain, gout pain,  , , , rany other unsolved inflammation. This therapy is designed only to bring forth chronic pain or any inflammation conditions relief.

The session begins with a short time spent in the hot steam oxygen sauna tent. After this is complete, you're treated to an invigorating massage chamber (designed), having the practitioners working directly on necessary your body codes to find the root cause of your pain, then the practitioner will apply release massage techniques to alleviate the pressure or the condition of the target, so the body can become painless.

In this session, you will experience many miraculous health benefits. from the blood, organs, cells, and tissues. Your stress and anxiety will reduce exponentially, and you'll feel balanced and more awake.

To make an appointment or to schedule a consultation call: +1 (469) 814-0036.  For more information about services available, continue to browse our website.

About the practitioner:

Pierre Sergio, Certified Holistic Medicine, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Nutritionist, the founder of water health holistic service center in Plano Texas, specializes in pH balance for chronic health conditions. 

Legal Disclaimer:

Water Health Holistic Service Center makes no claims or suggestions regarding the use of oxygen or related products to treat or cure any illness, disease, or medical-related conditions. 

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