IonSpa Portable V7 Quality Foot Bath Unit

IonSpa Portable V7 Quality Foot Bath Unit

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The ionSpa Portable v7 builds upon the original and most popular unit with our customers (v6).  Ergonomic design for easy everyday use and portable enough to transport for the on the go session provider, or home user.  If you are looking for a full function, commercial quality foot bath and trying to stay within your budget, the Portable v7 unit is for you. 

The ionSpa Portable v7 comes with EVERYTHING you will need to begin sessions immediately- including Power Supply, Cords, GFCI, Sea Salt, Disinfectant, Cleaning Brush, Tub Liners, Pictoral Instructional Manual and much more!

 Product Features:
  • Newest v7 Software – v7 is even more reliable, user friendly and safe.
  • v7 Allows 3 Language Settings – English, Spanish and French.  User friendly for ALL people! 
  • More Supplies in the box – 25 packets of Electro Mix, more Tube Liners & Five sets of extra plates!
  • Solid State, US Manufactured – Reliable, durable and safe.
  • Intelli-Drive Technology – This 21st century self-adjusting control mechanism with full +/- polarity shifting, ensures you will have a superior, worry-free session every more... 
  • Multiple Power Settings – For maximum session control. 
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty – Protects your investment with a warranty.
  • Lifetime Technical Support – Have a question?  Need help?  Actual people are here to answer you calls!



The ionSpa ionic foot bath produces positive and negative ionsthat reverberate throughout the body to remove toxins and rebalance cellular energy.

While the body’s natural electrical impulses flow daily, age, injury, and illness can affect the electrical flow, causing a person to feel bad. The ionic foot bath, which is not a medical device but rather an instrument of assistance, works to detoxify the body of harmful substances and re-establish its natural balance. Users of the ionSpa ionic foot bath testify to the healthier, obvious difference they feel after a session.

The ionic foot bath operates through a process called electrolysis by passing direct electrical current through the foot bath water to break apart the H2O (water) molecule. This releases oxygen, stable hydrogen and the negative hydrogen ion (H-), the core benefit of an ionic foot bath session.

This negative hydrogen ion is a powerful antioxidant, pH balancer and the catalyst most responsible for ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate) production, our body’s greatest energy resource. In the past, we received the negative hydrogen we needed through the consumption of raw vegetables and light proteins but modern processing, storage and handling has virtually stripped the modern diet of this increasingly vital element. Gentle and relaxing ionic foot bath sessions allow the body to uptake this “fuel of life”, which is essential in balancing and reenergizing the body’s natural ability to purge toxins and heal itself.

When experiencing the ionic foot bath, you will see the water change color as the electrical current, water, and magnetic field interact with your feet. While the water would change color by itself, the colors are noticeably different with feet in the foot spa and from one person compared to another person.

Ionic foot baths are not the first types of products to try and extract this powerful negative H ion and absorb it into the body. Since the 1950s, manufacturers have produced dozens of ionic generators for laboratory and home use. Early machines ionized atoms and molecules via high-voltage electrical fields, incandescent materials, ultraviolet light, x-rays and alpha or beta radiation from isotopes.

Advanced technology has eliminated many problems associated with previous ion devices. The IonSpa ionic foot bath, creates a high voltage with lower current, thereby reducing or eliminating the production of ozone. Our patented Intelli-Drive technologymaintains a constant level of ionization throughout the course of the foot bath, increasing its effectiveness by over 10 times.


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