Ozone Oxygenated + Alkaline Water

Made Fresh & Served Fresh
Rich in Oxygen
No Chemicals - No Bacteria
No Inorganic Minerals
Pure & Healthy Drinking

If you can find a smoother and a fresher ozone oxygenated + alkaline water that is pure antioxidant concentrate water, served fresh and more healthy than our water in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Cities and has a higher negative oxidation reduction potential (-MV), containing no chemicals, no inorganic minerals and no bacteria; then will give you 10 gallons refill of our water for free at no cost to you.

Traditional Uses and Benefits:
⋆ Increase bicarbonate in the blood 
⋆ Improve immune system and metabolism function 
⋆ Increase oxygen level in the blood, tissues and cells
⋆ Improve digestive system
⋆ Improve weight loss
* Reduces inflammation
⋆ Improve blood vessel purification
⋆ Improve blood pH levels
⋆ Improve hydration function 
⋆ Neutralize acidic fluid of the body
⋆ Scavenger of free radicals 
Product Description:
Our ozone oxygenated + alkaline water, known as "oxygen water", is Water2Cleanse. Stabilized, ozonated, activated hydrogen, alkaline antioxidant drinking water. Contains extra dissolve oxygen to increase oxygen levels and support cellular hydration production of the body.  It's well filtered, purified, and ozonated through our system where all chemicals, bacteria and inorganic minerals have removed to ensure 100% quality drinking water delivered. 

We made this water available every day pure and healthy "Served Fresh" to improve the body's ability to maintain good health and proper overall functioning.

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