Water Delivery Service

No Limit Delivery - Oxygenated Alkaline Water 9.5 - 10.5 PH

Thank you for being a loyal client of Water Health Holistic Service Center. Due to respiratory challenges of Covid-19 outbreak, as previously stated in March 2020, our body needs more oxygenated alkaline water and immune boosting nutrition to help neutralize pathogenic effects of the virus. For reason of cellular healing, strengthens biological properties and emotional strength.

Water Health Holistic Service Center is responding to your requests as promised. No limit delivery - Oxygenated Alkaline Water 9.5 - 10.5 PH, Made Fresh & Served Fresh to your home or office in the DFW Metroplex Cities. No Contracts, Pickup and Drop-off. Please contact Water Health Holistic Services Monday thru Friday to schedule your water delivery service 1 (469) 814-0036

Thank you for making this service available and we look forward to serving you as it was the first time and every time.