pH Balance For Over-Acidification of the Body


According to Dr. Otto Warburg - No disease or sickness can exist in an alkaline body as well stated by many other healers of the world.

Our pH balance is based on the over-acidification of the body due to inverted way of eating, thinking and drinking.  Our mission is to improve lifestyle condition  through holistic principles and functionality for real-time activation of the body's ability to balance.

★ Now experience feeling from the results of the miraculous recovery of your body through pH balance nutritional health formula that has already fulfilled its purpose

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About the practitioner:

Pierre Sergio, D.PSc, Certified Holistic Practitioner, the founder of Water Health Holistic Service Center in Plano Texas. He specializes in pH balance for proper care and balance of the body.  To make an appointment or to schedule a holistic health consultation call (469) 814-0036


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