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If you can find a smoother and a fresher ozone oxygenated  alkaline water that is pure antioxidant concentrated water, served fresh and healthier than our water in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Cities and has a higher negative oxidation reduction potential (-MV), containing no chemicals, no inorganic minerals and no bacteria; then will give you 10 gallons refill of our water for free at no cost to you.

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News & Events
Starting Monday November 12, 2018 thru Monday December 31, 2018
  • Alkaline Oxygenated Water - 30 Gallons for $30.00 Refill Prepaid
  • Weight Loss Service 20% off
  • pH Balance for Sickness & Disease 20%
  • Apricot Seed Kernel – Nutritional Supplement $19.95
  • Lung Cleaner – Nutritional Supplement $19.95

 We are making each day your special day at water health holistic service center!


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