Reflexology Massage Therapy

Reflexology Massage Therapy

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Reflexology Benefits

  • Improve energy and circulation
  • Improve reduction of stiffness and flexibility
  • Improve lower stress and anxiety
  • Improve restful sleep and mental clarity
  • Improve chronic pain relief
  • Improve spiritual awareness and healing

Reflexology Description

Reflexology is the art of applying pressure to points on the hands or feet to relieve a wide range of acute chronic and conditions based on holistic principles. Every part of the body has a corresponding nerve center area on hands and feet. An advanced reflexology treatment works to focus on these nerve centers and can reduce chronic stress and tension, balance emotions and increase spiritual awareness, improves the nerve, blood and lymphatic supply, promotes restful sleep and mental clarity, promotes energy and circulation, promotes healing and relaxation, promotes the natural function of the related areas of the body and reaches balance, normalization and homeostasis. This reflexology session is more than working on your feet; it is a process of applying special technique to break up patterns of stress in every part of the body including restore and maintain the body' s natural equilibrium.

Now experience the feeling of well-being and inner freedom from your perception to the results of this therapeutic wellness session as if it has already fulfilled its purpose

To make an appointment: If you would like to make an appointment call us today at (469) 469-0036 

About the practitioner:

Pierre Sergio, Certified Holistic Medicine Practitioner, the founder of Water Health Holistic Service Center in Plano Texas, specialize in pH balance for spirit, mind and body healing.  For more information about services available, continue to browse our site 

★ Reviews by:
Katherine N. Little Elm, TX

Went for reflexology to relief foot and leg pain. After my appointment I was pain free for 27 hours !!! Learned so much from Sergio and plan to go back next month. They sell oxygenated water which is of great health benefits to the body. It tasers great and help the body heal !!!
Give Sergio a try and see how much of a difference it makes in your health. He is a great source of knowledge and has a heart of gold. You will learn so much about healing naturally. Here to your good health.

★ Reviews by Kelly:
Sergio was attentive to customer needs. He was patient and answered all of my questions.

★Reviews by Terry:
Very helpful and caring staff. No pressure to do any programs and I was very relaxed when I left.

★ Reviews by Gerry:
Went for my 1st Reflexology foot massage. Sergio was great, very thorough. I Enjoyed the massage, could feel the Stress relief all day after I left his office. my feet 7 legs felt better. I'm going back in a month for my 2nd foot massage. The feet is where all that Stress & Pressure come through on a daily basis. Got to take care of them FEET!!

★ Reviews by Krissy A: Frisco TX
Water Health Holistic Service Center was an amazing service. Sergio truly cares about his clients and he goes above and beyond to make sure to serve you so that you can get healthy and stay healthy. I have tried several practitioners in the area and Sergio genuinely cares about his clients. I did the weight loss program that his facility offers and I have SEEN AMAZING RESULTS, AND I FEEL GREAT!!!! Not only have i dropped the unhealthy pounds that i needed to lose but I feel amazing and I have not felt this great in a while. Water Health also offers Reflexology I go in at least once a month and after each section it never fails I feel Rejuvenated and Healthy. My advice is to whomever decides to read this review is that you should definitely experience what it means to feel healthy and live healthy through seeking the offers that this practice has to offer, It is hard to find someone that cares about helping you get healthy and stay healthy and you will most certainly receive whatever information that is needed from Sergio and his amazing staff. They have helped change my life in tremendous ways that I will forever be GRATEFUL for!!!!

★ Sharon Joy Israel Torello — 5 star
Amazing alignment and reflexology !!! I highly recommend you go see the wonderful Pierre Sergio ! He is a healer and I cannot wait to see him again!!!
Thank you so much for helping me!


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