Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is designed to heal deep trauma, anxiety, and spiritual karma. Each of us is a soul, and sometimes, due to traumatic circumstances, deep abuse, or betrayal, our soul can become fragmented and leave us feeling lost or incomplete. People often feel that the event disrupted their thinking, mood, feelings, or ability to relate to others which leads to a sense of being detached or separated from their body. 

During therapy, the practitioner guides the person through the process of soul retrieval from the foundation of trauma. The practitioner will alter his state of consciousness to guide the soul back from the trauma.

Signs that your soul is trapped in the trauma:

  • an inability to cope with change or different circumstances,
  • an inability to create or manage health and financial abundance,
  • an inability to make true decisions,
  • unhealthy addictions, hardship, and feelings of failure 
  • repeatedly entering abusive relationships,
  • refusing to learn and pursue one's true-life passions,
  • extremely negative thoughts and corruptions,
  • feelings of being extremely paranoid or always being tense, 
  • feelings as if you only function in between disasters,
  • feeling that life itself is hostile to your existence,
  • depression or feelings of hopelessness or unworthiness,
  • self-neglect and constantly putting other's needs ahead of one's own (always in "motherhood" mode),
  • difficulty enjoying life or living in the present moment,
  • low energy, lack of motivation, or feelings of intense procrastination or withdrawal. 

Trauma is at the root of the feeling of disassociation or detachment in certain aspects of one's life, or a feeling of total detachment from life altogether. It may be extremely difficult for one to feel emotions or feel an attachment to certain people or situations that one is personally involved in. One may feel hopeless, or sway between feelings like all hope is lost, or nothing positive can come out of any outcome. This feeling is a defense mechanism one might use to "survive" traumatic events. 

When you undergo Soul Retrieval, we are breaking the cycle of the veil (the unseen) that keeps you from empowering yourself, your intention, and your spiritual power. Soul Retrieval is made to bring forth wholeness and wellness, so you can enjoy the foundation to vitality; experience rebirth into the light and learn to be guided by your soul, live a new quality of life you never thought existed, and awaken your full potential.

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